A Look at Sahalie and Koosah Falls

Deep in the Willamette National Forest of western Oregon, where the McKenzie River flows, you will find dazzling waterfalls. Two of them, Sahalie and Koosah Falls, are easy to get to and worth taking the time to see. Sahalie (meaning “heaven” or “high”) and Koosah (“sky” or “shining”) are native Chinook words which beautifully describe these lofty falls. It has been said that those of … Continue reading A Look at Sahalie and Koosah Falls

McCall, Idaho Revisited

Without a doubt, captivating views are in store when you explore areas in and around McCall, Idaho. In September and early October you will see brilliant colors in the city and state parks of this town, featuring beautiful Payette Lake. This gorgeous mountain settlement is located a little more than 100 miles north of Boise, Idaho in the Payette National Forest. There is an abundance … Continue reading McCall, Idaho Revisited

The West has Won Me Over

It’s the pathway to the Pacific Ocean, where our eyes feast on majestic mountains draped by deep blue skies and cottony clouds. It’s where we breathe in evergreen-scented air and find ourselves dwarfed by towering forests, rich with luscious ferns and trailing moss. It’s where abundant waters flow in streams, rivers and cascading falls. It’s the Pacific Northwest. With all the highways and byways to … Continue reading The West has Won Me Over