Dreaming of Spring.

The winter of 2018 began in a mild way, but like a monster, it has prevailed with a vengeance all across the northern continents through to early March of 2019. For millions of overwhelmed individuals, the day-to day-routine has been a bone chilling exercise of sheer drudgery. Even though the frigid, blustery cycle lingers on in some areas, the days are getting longer. The sun … Continue reading Dreaming of Spring.

Heads up — it’s still winter!

So, it turns out that grandma was wrong! She insisted that, besides your other winter clothing, a hat is essential to keeping your entire body warm when it’s cold outside. In the past, it was believed that the majority of our body heat escapes through the head if left uncovered. According to recent studies, *experts┬ásay this is a myth. It turns out that heat is … Continue reading Heads up — it’s still winter!