Happy Wandering

How do you keep your personal belongings safe when you are out and about on foot?

Whether you enjoy taking a stroll through a park, a hike up a mountain, a bike ride down a trail or a browse through a flea market or a county fair, there are always a few extras that need to be carried along with you.


Using a shoulder bag can be handy when walking and shopping, but for a hiker or a jogger it would be cumbersome to use one.

Wandering through the fair

A wallet can be tucked into a back pocket, but we all know that pickpockets could be a concern in a busy crowd.

If you are on an extended hike, or you don’t mind a heavy load, a backpack can carry a lot. However, they can be easy prey for thieves in some areas.

Years ago, the fanny pack was a popular way to safely take along the little things you need as well as cash and move around hands free. As geeky as this accessory appeared to be back in the 1980’s, it is again viewed as a very fashionable way to carry your personal goods. In fact, you could say that the fanny pack is a new rage! Some very high-end accessory makers such as Gucci offer them for a hefty price.

Wandering with dogsMany fannypack users love their convenience when they are out and about in a crowd, shopping or walking the dog.

More recently, many companies have also been offering different styles of convenient travel pouches or large money belts that can be worn almost flat underneath your clothing. They are big enough to store a large cell phone, a passport, boarding passes, cash and keys all in one pouch that can be tucked away out of sight. It’s a great way to keep personal items close to you without worrying about losing them or having them stolen.

Wandering airportThis makes them especially useful when traveling by air where there’s the need to tow luggage and have international documents safe, yet ready to show to customs officers for international flights at airport terminals.

Another popular option is a neck pouch or passport holder. Both styles are often made with radio frequency identification (RFID) blocking material for travelers who want extra protection from hackers who may try to steal data from credit cards or passports. Apparently, the newer cards and documents that contain chips have been improved with safety features that no longer make them vulnerable to electronic hackers who may be lurking in a crowd. In spite of that, many travelers prefer to use a pouch or bag with RFID blocking features — just in case.

An even greater threat when traveling is the possibility that these valuable items can be physically stolen by thieves. For that reason, some manufacturers offer slash proof purses and bags with locking zippers. Always be conscious of keeping bags, wallets or pouches in front and close to you. Don’t shift them to your back or let them bounce off your hip, where pickpockets can access them. If you are carrying a wallet, put it in your front pocket out of sight, not your back pocket.

Wandering water botteSomething else to think about: If you are the type who wants to carry a water bottle, a slim over-the-shoulder bottle pouch  is a smart way to cart along your favorite thirstquencher, and even a few snacks, without having to carry everything in your hand. Some of the new fanny packs also include a slot or pouch for carrying a water bottle.

Take a look at some of the popular styles of pouches available by clicking on the images below:

This well-made passport pouch by Arvok, which is worn over the neck is selling for a great price online. If you like leather, check out the small leather messenger cell phone and passport bag. 

A lighter version of the over-the-neck passport carrier is shown below. This one can be converted to use on the waist with a belt loop.

The Alpine Rivers money belt is very popular, with room to hold several items tucked under your shirt if you wish. Buyers aslo receive some RFID blocking sleeves for their cards.

For fanny pack fans, take a look at this one, whick includes a water bottle pouch. Also shown below is a basic water bottle holder that you can sling over your shoulder. Click on the images and check them out. (Another basic fanny pack is shown in the last image below.)

Here is an example of a “slash proof” purse that has tough woven fibers in the strap and main body of the bag. 

This basic fanny pack has received good reviews and is reasonably priced.


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