March musings.

What is it about a sunny day in March that makes a person feel motivated to tidy up? Maybe it’s a boost from the extra UV rays we’ve been missing for a while.

Sunlight in windowOr, it could be a response to those shimmering dust particles floating in a beam of sunlight through our window. That pretty much does it for me!

The dingy days of winter somehow make it easy to overlook details when it comes to cleaning.  By the time spring rolls around, I tend to end up with a few cluttered corners.

Winter window2

Decluttering is an ongoing struggle for me.  I’ve tried to eliminate unnecessary things by the popular method of hugging an item to see if it ‘sparks joy’ within me. The trouble is that holding that piece in such a way gives my mind too much time to find some useful or sentimental value in it!  To my dismay, I realize I feel the same way about almost every little thing I have accumulated.

I do much better at this task if I just close my eyes and empty a drawer into a box. Without looking too thoroughly at the contents, I take it out to a second-hand store and say good bye in one fells swoop.

I grew up with the save-it-you-might-need-it-later mentality. My grandmother actually washed plastic bags and hung them to dry and reuse again.  Not only was she being thrifty, but she was recycling those bags herself. That was good. However, who has time to wash plastic bags and wait for them to dry in our hectic day and age?

On the other hand, saving paper bags and cardboard has proved to be beneficial for landscaping projects. Apparently, the best weed block under your mulch can be made by placing layers of newspaper or cardboard on the soil around the plants and wetting them down before adding the groundcover.

Whether it’s in the house, the shed or the garage, I’m always working on improving my organizing skills as well as using more organic methods and cleaning products. You may be far ahead of the game, so please feel free to comment on your favorite ways to organize and do spring cleaning!

In case you are looking for a few good ideas, here are some that have worked for our household:

Try a corner tool rack to store long handled tools in your garage or shed.

Rubbermaid tool rack

Make your tool box look neat with this organizer.

Sturdy metal shelves with casters are great for use anywhere in the house, garage or shed. They come in sizes as narrow as 9 inches, which is handy for limited space.

I like to add some 7″ wooden crates to the carts as well such as this one:Metal cart4




In the kitchen, carousels or lazy susans on the counter or in the cupboards works well. Here is a non-slip model for items near the stove.

Kitchen carousel

This model works great in the cupboards or the fridge. It is a clear plastic with raised edges to keep items from toppling over.


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