Dreaming of Spring.

The winter of 2018 began in a mild way, but like a monster, it has prevailed with a vengeance all across the northern continents through to early March of 2019. For millions of overwhelmed individuals, the day-to day-routine has been a bone chilling exercise of sheer drudgery.

Even though the frigid, blustery cycle lingers on in some areas, the days are getting longer. The sun is rising earlier, and many are dreaming of spring. Yes, dreaming of spring is one way to cope! Are you dreaming of spring? What are your thoughts?

It has become a realization to some, including me, that the simple things in life are the most treasured. How I would love to see a just sprig of green or hear the drone of a bee.  I have found that reflecting on a few of my photos and videos from the garden can help. Take a look. Relax and listen to the sounds of spring…


Some of us have dealt with the blues at this time of year, especially when winter seems to drag on.

Dove in the snowIn the meantime, I have noticed that observing animals like our beloved pets or, even wild birds out in the snow, can bring some delight even on a cold and frosty day. Both are adorable in their own way!

Dog in the snow And, don’t forget to exercise, just like those pets do. I invested in a stationary bike this year, so I can peddle my heart out in my living room without a frostbitten nose or knuckle.

Have you tried growing a little pot of grass indoors for your animals? It is good for their health, and it quickly brings a little spring-like life inside the home. Another way to chase away winter blues, cabin fever, climbing the walls, snowphobia — or whatever you would call it — is to plan ahead for spring. Think about some plants you may want to grow, even if it’s in a pot in your house or on the front step. The results can be vitalizing!

0419181915 (2) If you are an avid gardener, you may have already placed an order with your favorite seed catalogue. Or, you could even be doing some garden planning. There are a gazllion books, websites and apps that feature garden and landscape planning. Try some plants that add color to your vegetable garden, such as scarlet runner beans or ornamental cabbages. You could throw in a few zinnias as well. All these plants are rich in vibrant hues, and will help attract bees, butterflies and even hummingbirds.

Welcome to my scarlet runner bean hedge
Create a hedge of scarlet runner beans.
Welcome to my bumblebee in the garden
Invite a bumble bee to your garden.

Plan on taking your camera (even if it’s on your cell phone) out to your garden and snap a few masterpieces. Then, next winter, when the snow is blowing and the wind is howling you can reminisce and dream of spring…

Welcome to my garden cabbage flower
Think about adding some ornamental plants to your yard, garden or front step for color and variety and enjoy their beauty.


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